Children’s Focus began in 1984 as a newsletter providing parents with information on cultural activities throughout New York City. The newsletter was published monthly with listing of all the museums, cultural and educational events in New York.

I believe that all children should be exposed to art and the cultural programs in the community so the listing included many events that were free or inexpensive and a few pricey events to add to the mix. The goal was to be inclusive so there was information about many ethnic and cultural groups and everyone was encouraged to share their holiday traditions. Education and shared celebrations are a great way of breaking down the walls of intolerance.

My son, nephews and niece all became a part of the project drawing pictures, handing out, flyers and helping with the mailing, etc. They grew up working on the publication. After twenty -four years, however, I was exhausted from the daily routine of creating a monthly newsletter so I took a break and stop publishing. This was always with the intention that Children’s Focus would return.

Since then I have started exploring the world through fresh eyes with the new additions to my extended family. My grand nephews Jamal, Isaiah, Emmanuel, Joshua, Angel and grand nieces Shakina, Yonina and Selena have given me that needed spark and inspiration to continue Children’s Focus. Also I still have so much information, ideas and stories to share with families.

So here is our digital version of Children’s Focus with the same goal to support parents and educators in their quest to provide wonderful experiences for their children. Children’s Focus will be providing information on urban living in my new blog, the best places for fun and education in What’s Happening New York and opportunities to help build our global community in the Charities section.