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I must admit that I often take New York City for granted. I definitely can’t keep up with all that’s happening in the city. What’s new? What’s next? This is the place that nurtures ideas and talents. This is a place where creativity is abundant. There is more theater, more dance, more music than anyone can keep up with. This is where people from all over the world come to experience the city’s vibrancy and culture. The energy is so amazing that you need time to take a breath.This city has been an incubator for ideas and creativity. This is where artists have taken neighborhoods riddled with urban blight and made them into fashionable destinations. Unfortunately, they are often pushed out as soon as it becomes livable (which is a whole other story). This is where rooftops are turned into farms, and graffiti artists have beautified whole neighborhoods. Where Jazz and classical music have been nourished in churches, and Rap was born in the outer boroughs.Now we are being told that the lifelines that have helped make not only this city but also the country great are being stripped away by the new president’s policy. Important lifelines like healthcare, education, homeland security, environmental protections and art funding are being threatened. I think these are all things worth fighting for. Our children’s future is at stake. I want our country, our city, our families and our children healthy, safe and empowered. The arts community is an important part of informing us and giving us a voice as a nation. This is the time to support our cultural and social institutions.

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Myra Consuela


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Children's Museum of Manhattan

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